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Was your pharma event actually successful…
or just busy?

Your pharma events have massive potential. We’re here to help you realize it.


The Traditional Approach to Events...

  • Presence at conferences is part of every pharma company’s marketing approach – and with good reason!
  • Events have massive potential to drive significant revenue, influence HCPs, gauge prospect interest, create strategic sales opportunities, spark engagement and so much more.
  • The problem is that only a little bit of that potential is being realized by pharma companies.

Needs a New Solution

  • The opportunities presented at pharma events are at risk of being lost due to the traditional approach to their organization, execution, and follow up.
  • Too many companies are spending time, money and resources on events that might not be meaningful.
  • Or worse… you’re going to events, but you don’t know:
  • Which events were most successful and why
  • Who your sales teams engaged with and what was discussed
  • What areas your prospects would like more information on
  • Or what you should do next to maximize your sales cycle.

An Ecosystem for Better Events

Yipkos’ end-to-end approach helps you better plan for and execute great events, while integrating all your data and digital assets for strategic sales follow up.

Event Strategy, Execution, and Analysis

The Yipkos Approach

Our entire focus is on helping you

Client Testimonials

Yipkos are the best at what they do – they are a creative, collaborative force for good.

Kevin SheehyDirector, Global Events, NanoString Technologies, Inc.

Yipkos is everything you would want in a business partner. They never say something can’t be done.

Michael RussoVice President, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

Quick to understand and receptive to ideas, it would be extremely difficult to find another company that does what Yipkos offers.

Kerrin NaeffAssociate Director, Event Strategy and Operations, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.